About this Course

The Sophia Dialogues is an ongoing, monthly subscription course providing Sacred Feminine wisdom from a variety of sources including; saints, mystics, poets, mythological figures, artists, thinkers and visionaries. Each monthly, Sophia Dialogue will be sourced from ancient to contemporary wisdom.

Examples of the monthly inspiration for The Sophia Dialogues includes:

  • The Beguines, visionaries
  • St. Teresa of Avila
  • The Virgin of Guadalupe
  • St. Gobnait, Patron St. of Bees
  • Mary Oliver, poet
  • Adrienne Rich, poet
  • Hestia, mythological Goddess
  • Mary Delaney, artist
  • Hilma af Klint, artist
  • Evelyn Underhill, mystic
  • and many others...

Each month you'll have access to a fresh focus and associated materials to provide a hive of spiritual and creative inspiration.

Included with your monthly subscription you will receive:

  • a monthly Sacred Feminine focus
  • writings, poetry and quotations (Lectio Divina)
  • spiritual practices
  • invitations for your creative spirit
  • imagery & symbols (Visio Divina)
  • journal prompts
  • audio podcasts/meditations
  • videos

The Sophia Dialogues Community

An optional monthly, one hour Zoom Circle, will provide the opportunity for dialogue and sharing. Zoom Circles will not be recorded to ensure privacy.

The intention and benefits of this Monthly Ongoing Series

The intention for The Sophia Dialogues is to provide Sacred Feminine wisdom to pollinate your prayers, spiritual and creative practices, and understanding.

Watch "Sibyl's Video Invitation to You" below. Scroll down to the green "Register Now" button, and begin to grow your wisdom, inspire your creative spirit, and deepen your relationship through monthly dialogues with Sophia in all her many forms.

You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Ancient and Contemporary

Sacred Feminine Wisdom

Each monthly Sophia Dialogue will provide an encounter with a woman mystic, saint, visionary, artist or poet. She will inform the focus for a month of inner and outer spiritual exploration.

Revisiting the teachings, poetry, and inspiration from many sources of Sophia Wisdom, is an invitation to revisit the past to inform your life today. From this perspective personal contemporary wisdom emerges.

A Hive for Creative Inspiration and Exploration

Monthly sacred and creative practices including; Lectio Divina, journaling, Visio Divina, prayer, and meditation will create an atmosphere for deepening your dialogue with Sophia Wisdom.

Collage-making as a form of visual prayer and slow-stitching meditative practices will provide optional tools for your creative spirit.

Optional monthly Zoom Circles will provide the opportunity for community sharing and discussion.

Dialogue as Alchemical Transformation

The Sophia Dialogues invite you, through various forms of inspiration, to experience the realm of symbol, metaphor, and sacred alchemy.

Contemporary alchemical practices such as; personal symbology, altar creation, and poetic expression will be explored.

Video: Sibyl's Invitation to You

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  Welcome to The Sophia Dialogues
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  The Beguines
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  Beguine Resources
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  Beguine Sacred Practices
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  Saint Thérèse of Lisieux: An Introduction
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  St. Therese's Quotes and Lectio Divina
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  Saint Therese Sacred Practices
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Sibyl Dana Reynolds

For thirty-five years, as an author, spiritual director and passionate journaler, I have shared spiritual and creative practices with women through my books, online courses, sacred art-making and residential retreats. As retired bishop and the foundress of a spiritual and contemplative women's global community, Belle Coeur Sisterhood, I believe when a woman creates time and space to contemplate, write, and respond…transformation occurs. It’s the work and joy of my heart to offer sacred, prayerful, study and practices as pathways to discovery for a woman’s personal interior journey.