You're invited...

to make an armchair sacred pilgrimage, through the medieval French countryside. You will become familiar with the spiritual Belle Coeur sisterhood. Women, not unlike us, they are radically independent healers, visionaries, mystics and artisans who live by their wits and their prayers.

The sisters' faith and creative passion lead them to explore labyrinth and cathedral, hidden rooms and illuminated manuscripts.

You will discover how ancient women's wisdom offers inspiration and the potential to inform our lives and spirits today.

Journal prompts, creative and spiritual practices, and additional resources will enrich this independent online study.

This course invites and encourages personal response, contemplation, creative expression and spiritual enrichment. Explore the materials offered here at your own pace according to your schedule.

It is suggested that you use the newly published, 2nd Edition, of Ink and Honey for this course. Click here to purchase your copy.

Course Details

This course is structured for independent online study. You may work at your own pace to fit your personal schedule.

The readings are divided into six segments, with accompanying journal prompts, sacred responses, and resources.

Reading and Study

Reading is segmented to provided spaciousness and time for study and contemplation of the material.

Journaling and Reflection

Journaling and the sacred practice of lectio divina will enrich your reading experience. Each reading segment is accompanied by printable journal prompts for your contemplation and reflection.

Sacred Response and Resources

Suggestions for creative/sacred responses for each reading segment such as: collage, altar making, poetry and prayer writing, walks in nature, etc. are provided in the syllabus.

Sibyl Dana Reynolds

For thirty-five years, as an author, spiritual director and passionate journaler, I have shared spiritual and creative practices with women through my books, online courses, sacred art-making and residential retreats. As retired bishop and the foundress of a spiritual and contemplative women's global community, Belle Coeur Sisterhood, I believe when a woman creates time and space to contemplate, write, and respond…transformation occurs. It’s the work and joy of my heart to offer sacred, prayerful, study and practices as pathways to discovery for a woman’s personal interior journey.