About this course

PCS 202 - A Window onto Jesus' Awakening 

and His Early Vocational Discernment:

Diving deeply into the first chapter of Mark's gospel

Cohort begins January 11, 2023 7pm EST 

In this 6-week course, we will seek to experience the good news — traveling alongside a very human Jesus during the first days of his ministry, and walking with each other into 2023. We will make our way through the first section of Dr. DeGear's book-in-progress, Jesus Found in Translation. The book offers a reading of the Gospel of Mark that is at once scholarly and exciting, accountable to the nitty gritty of the ancient text and yet truly accessible and filled with surprises. The aim of this course is to connect human-to-human with Yeshua of Nazareth, and begin to unleash in ourselves the expansion of consciousness at the heart of the revolutionary movement that later became Christianity

Each week participants will receive a chapter (in written and audio formats), reflection exercises, and access to a Wednesday lecture/discussion (live and recorded).

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