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Dr. DeGear’s scholarly training includes a PhD in theology from Union Theological Seminary with a focus on psychoanalytic theory and the Hebrew Bible; a Masters in religion and religious education from Fordham University; and a BA in comparative literature from Brown University. She is currently Scholar-in-Residence at the New Shul in New York City.

 For the past two decades, Lizzie has been teaching bible studies in various forms, including her 2020 award-winning animated short film (m)adam: Adam’s Rib Reframed, and the 2021 FutureChurch Lenten bible study: Women Rediscovered in the Bible. 

 Certified with the National Association of Catholic Chaplains since 2002, Lizzie’s passion for facilitating group experience was sparked by her hospital chaplaincy work on the inpatient psychiatric unit and with those facing addiction. For fifteen years, as chaplain for the Center for Urban Community Services, she created and led memorial services for people who knew homelessness during their lives. She currently offers programs and retreats in a variety of settings.

 Excited to be living in a world that is growing out of patriarchy, she co-founded the Feminism & Faith in Union movement in 2017, works with a variety of faith-based organizations who empower women, including Women's Ordination Conference and Discerning Deacons, and is looking forward to incubating her newest scholarly project, The Women Who Wrote the Bible.

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