Goals and Outcomes


  • Stimulate new thinking about the fundamental beliefs of Christianity through a theology of divine accompaniment in a time of ecological destruction.
  • Compare and contrast Atonement theology with Accompaniment theology.
  • Present insights of feminist and womanist theology as a path to healing violence and racism in our world.
  • Present a renewed theology of the Spirit’s presence throughout the human and cosmic world in contrast to the institutional Church’s efforts to connect the Spirit primarily with Church office and magisterial teaching.



  • Understand the impact of a paradigm shift in theology from atonement theology to accompaniment to theology.
  • Understand that theology is meant for the whole people of God and is a reflection on lived experiences and beliefs throughout the centuries.
  • Articulate a fuller understanding of the holy Mystery of God presented by E. Johnson and other contemporary theologians to include all created beings.
  • Relate fundamental beliefs, scholarship, contemplation and practice to a faith-filled vision of living in the 21st century.

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