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Welcome to PCS 304: Celtic Women: Our Wisdom Guides by

Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan

This course takes you on a journey through Ireland and Wales to explore the feminine spirit of early Christian Celtic spirituality, its intuitive insights, mystical vision, love of creation, pursuit of justice and example of partnership and equality.  

You will meet Celtic holy women in the fifth through eight centuries whose vibrant faith, healing presence, gracious hospitality, and love for earth’s creatures continue to inspire us today.

You will discover springs and holy wells associated with birthing, healing and renewal, and with each of the Celtic women in this course.

Some of these holy wells are popular today, like St. Brigit’s Wells in Kildare, Ireland, and St. Winefride’s Well in Wales. This course also describes the significance of remote holy wells like St. Ita’s  Well in Killeedy, Limerick ,Ireland , St. Monenna’s Well in Killeevy, Armagh, N. Ireland and St. Non’s well  in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

May you be blessed by your reflections on the stories and myths of  Celtic Holy Women and their wells  in this course.

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