Goals and Objectives


  • Provide an overview of the feminine spirit  of early Christian Celtic spirituality, its intuitive insights, mystical vision, love of creation, partnership between women and men, and holistic approach to life .
  • Explore the legends and stories surrounding the primary Celtic holy women of the fifth through eight centuries.
  •  Make connections with modern seekers’ journey to a transformative, empowering, holistic approach to living life fully and lovingly, and doing justice for everyone especially the rejected and marginalized.
  • Introduce springs and holy wells as sacred places of pilgrimage associated with the divine feminine spirit



  • Identify  women who were priests, healers and  spiritual friends in the Early Celtic tradition.
  • Connect the legacy of Celtic holy women, their vibrant faith, healing presence, inspiring strength, compassionate service, witness to justice and non-violence and deep wisdom, to the challenges that people encounter in contemporary life.
  • Discover the springs and holy wells as  sacred places of pilgrimages -that are  associated with birthing, healing, renewal..
  • Explore sacred sites of pilgrimage with family, friends, and/or community  and delve deeply into the possibilities of experiencing divine presence, healing, and spiritual renewal.

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