People's Catholic Seminary

"In seminary we are being fed and watered with wisdom. We are exposed to the sunshine of diverse thinking, while our roots sink into the rich soil of our own tradition. In this rich environment we begin to grow. We find deeper meaning in the faith we hold dear. And based on that new and deep meaning we grow our ministries. We mature. We become the expression of our mature faith."

Denise Hackert-Stoner

PCS-Innovative and Empowering

Rooted in Lived Experience of People

 Creates deep connection with liberating message in Scripture and Christian tradition of mystics and prophets

Fosters partnership in ministry - new paradigm- following Jesus in 21st century

Raises up voices of marginalized 

Expands theological landscape

Cultivates a healing and learning community 

Dismantles patriarchy and

Promotes Gospel equality and inclusiveness.

Global Ministries University announces new, expanded, Master of Pastoral Ministry Degree in partnership with People's Catholic Seminary.

If you are ready for immersion in pastoral ministry rooted in social justice, liberation theology, women's studies, spiritual care and transformative spirituality, click below.

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a seminary without walls


People's Catholic Seminary offers courses to inspire and educate individuals and groups who embrace a vision of spirituality that is inclusive, liberating, empowering and equal.


People’s Catholic Seminary provides courses that foster an expanded worldview of our liberating God of compassion present in all and working for justice for all through systemic change. As co-creators and companions on a journey, we share the wisdom of God in our sacred texts, theologies, sacred practices, sacramental celebrations, and lived experiences.


People's Catholic Seminary (PCS) was founded in 2017 by Rev. Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan and Rev. Dr. Mary Theresa Streck for women and men seeking a seminary experience in contemporary theology.

PCS, a seminary without walls, educates women and men, ordained and non-ordained in new ways of thinking, attitudes, and values to meet the needs of inclusive ministries of equals today.

The future of adult education requires open minds and loving hearts committed to justice and equality in the Christian tradition.

Welcome to People's Catholic Seminary. The video below is a brief introduction.